Frequently Asked Questions

Lovers of football are no strangers to knowing about boot iD. Elite professionals use it nowadays to differentiate between their shoes and other pro players, most of whom have manufacturer sponsorship, resulting in many wearing the same styles and colours on the pitch. Having the iD eliminates the chance of using the wrong shoes, and as a result also giving an unique touch of your personality to your game. Football shoes (and also other specialist sports shoes) are the main “tools of your game” so having the iD on them brands them as truly yours, adds security against theft and tells others they are something special that you really value! In addition it also can bring a sense of player confidence and builds self esteem knowing you are having iD on your shoes just the same as some of your heroes have on theirs!

For younger junior players there is another added benefit for having boot iD applied. Many times young kids will take off their shoes after a game and run around and play other games with team mates and friends, a lot of times totally forgetting where they have left their kit. Having iD on their shoes greatly reduces the chances for them going to someone else’s home, especially if playing away at another club that week. Shoes are expensive and from personal experience over the years we have been involved in kids sport, easily misplaced. Having iD will assist an away club to find your items for you in their lost and found box should you find yourself in this situation.

Are you wanting to make your shoes look just like your idol’s do, have your name and number or the name(s) of loved ones on your shoes? Now all this is possible … with Shu-Name-It!

No risk at all! You can have total peace of mind. At Shu-Name-It! we continue to maintain our position as a reliable and trustworthy service by continually building customer confidence. The results of our quality work can be seen on our website, Facebook and other social media pages such as Instagram.

Testimonials from satisfied customers are on our website and can be seen on our Testimonials page.

We also do work for international players and players that compete in the AFL, NRL, A-League and Super Rugby competitions around Australia along with those that play in domestic club based competitions each week.

Shu-Name-It! does not limit work to doing just football based sports, we can do iD for many others as well! Some example photos can be seen in our Gallery.

Online ordering is EASY! Simply go to the Online Order page and fill in your personalisation details.

Customers find us on our web site or through one of our Agents (a sports store we do work for) and then fills in the required data on the order form. Shu-Name-It! then sends a confirmation email and has shipping details, costings and delivery address. The customer then makes payments and sends their shoes to our address where Shu-Name-It! will carry out the personalisation before sending the shoes back to the customer.

If it is through one of our Agents, ( you can find them at the bottom of our Home Page ) they can process your payment/order data in store, then advise us of your order and we process it all from there, either returning the completed items back to the store or we can also mail out direct to your door, saving you time and effort to go back for them. There are small extra charges for the pick-up / delivery and mail out options service. Additionally if you find this easier than mailing your shoes direct to us, our Agents are happy to assist, even if you did not originally purchase your shoes through their store.

Used shoes MUST be sanitized due to health regulations, BE COMPLETELY DRY and cleaned TOTALLY FREE from any dirt, sand, grass, etc. inside and out before we receive them from you. An surcharge may apply should we have to perform additional cleaning prior to applying your new custom boot iD. This will need to be paid upon collection of your items or before they can be mailed out. The Agent you used or yourself will be directly advised of this extra surcharge should it need to be applied.

Shu-Name-It! Agents are limited to Brisbane Metropolitan Areas at this time, however, as our company network continues to grow, more will be advised. Be sure to keep a look out for ROO when you next visit your local sports store!

The maximum is determined mostly by the size of the shoes to have the iD installed on them. Some shoes will have a maximum of 5 characters that can be fitted and others can have 8 or even 10 characters. Also, the make of the shoes can impact on how much can be installed. Some shoes have a big logo design on the upper that can limit the amount of available space to fit the iD into.

Thread colours are determined by our experienced design team, mostly by blending the design in with an existing colour on the shoes. Customers can request a specific colour to be applied, but many times this can lead to disappointment with the finished item. Matching a colour to suit the shoes is the best option… we carry over 48 different threads in stock to ensure optimum results, and we continually update our stock to keep up with the newest colour-ways and models as they come along from the shoe companies, consistently giving the best outcome possible.

This all depends on the model of the shoe to have the iD applied. Some shoes have designs that do not afford the iD to be matched on both shoes.

The standard iD position is in the areas on the sides below the ankle, however, some models can have the iD parallel along the lace eyelets. Unfortunately areas on the heel, toe and on the sides close to the sole cannot have the iD applied due to restrictions with the room available and fitment to the embroidery machines.

Your Club Logo must be consulted with us prior to ordering your iD. You can contact us through our email and send through a copy of the design. If the logo is too detailed (as the majority unfortunately will be) we regret to say we probably won’t be able to successfully do it because the results will not be optimal. Most logos will need to be reduced down to approximately the size of a $2 coin to fit on a boot, too small to show any clear detail and thus giving a poor result and disappointment, which we do our utmost to avoid!

You will also need to provide us written authority from your club committee giving us permission to apply it and allowing you to use the logo on your items.

Boot iD with this design should not incur additional costs, however, please consult with us first to be sure, as some items require extended design and installation time to ensure an optimal result.

Yes, at Shu-Name-It! we are happy to personalise sporting shoes if you live in another country.

Please email Roo to check shipping costs.

No, at Shu-Name-It! we are happy to personalise worn shoes provided that they are not damaged and that they are hygienically clean. Due to the complexity of our embroidery machines and health regulations, shoes must be in near new condition and grass and dirt free.