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Why Boot iD?

If you are wanting to make YOUR shoes look just like your idols do, or have your initials, name, a number, nickname, a flag or even the name(s) of loved ones on your shoes, all this is now very easily within reach!

Whether you are a professional competing at club or even at international level, or you are as most players are here in Australia today, a weekend amateur playing sport at grass roots, now YOU can also bring that extra special – individual touch, motivation and pride to YOUR game …


Our MAXIMUM 4 DAY TURN A ROUND means … you’ll have your own unique custom boot iD on it’s way back to you … FAST!

No need to have to wait up to 5 weeks (or more) for your iD product anymore. Just send us your shoes, and we’ll do the rest!

Once we receive your shoes, with-in 4 working days they will then be on their way back to you again via Australia Post or, be ready for collection. (local Brisbane pick ups only)

Also see our HOME PAGE for a list of our AGENTS that can also assist in processing your iD order. The process is very easy !

Be inspired to be the best you can be every time you lace them up on game or race day, and make your shoes truly yours today … with Shu-Name-It!

Football boots (and also any other specialist sports shoes) as you would know, are one of the “main tools of your game”. Having your own unique boot iD on them brands them as yours, adds security against theft and tells all others they are something very special that you value! In addition, it can also bring with it a sense of player confidence, it can be used to motivate and increase one’s self esteem, knowing you are now having YOUR own boot iD on your shoes to exactly the same level as some of your heroes actually have on theirs, probably resulting in also making you becoming the envy of the dressing room!

Shu-Name-It! also offers personalisation for shoes used for indoor sports such as basketball, netball, futsal and ten pin bowling, to name just a few. Also on a range of sporting gear including goalie or hockey gloves, guard stays, fitness equipment and many types of sporting bags too! Whether you are an astute athlete, brilliant basket baller, champion cricketer, dazzling dancer, footy fanatic, gym junkie, hockey hero, racing rev head, soccer star, tennis talent, tri or marathon titan, the list goes on and on …

Even if you rate yourself as just an all-round good sport, now you can look and feel just like your heroes, the professional sports people that many of you out there aspire one day, to emulate!

Go on … You Deserve It! Order your own unique custom boot iD … NOW!

ORDER HERE to take you directly to our order / payment section!