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Our very latest and cutest shoe iD personalisation service… now extends to toddler and baby shoes!

Personalised baby shoes make for that extra special keepsake and are the perfect gift for a new arrival. They also look super trendy and stylish when they wear them, and no doubt will make your special little person one of the stars of their playgroup! We are confident you will be brimming with sunshine when you see your beautiful little shoes, specially personalised for YOUR little baby …

Thrill your family and friends alike with the gift of a pair of shoes like no other! New parents will just adore such a personal, touching present with no doubt excited cries like “OMGosh … They are sooo cute!” The tears will surely start to flow with the joy that this unique service can bring to your family and friends! Lyn from North Lakes’ Testimonial we received recently is true evidence of that!

Shu-Name-It! is the ONLY place in Australia that can now offer you this unique touch … Enquire or order your special “little shoes” iD today!

Imagine being now able to have such a treasured keepsake as your child’s christening shoes for example, expertly customised for you with their name and christening date embroidered on … making them an even more wonderful Christening item. Or perhaps a pair to be given as a baby gift for that special friend ? Years later, your treasured item can be handed down to your loved one at say their 21st or even 40th birthday, celebrating one of life’s milestones, giving a gift that can never be replaced! Some we have heard intend to have their little shoes “Bronzed” and then professionally framed, all in readiness for the big event when it comes.

See some images of our latest work with these little treasures … They are found in our Joeys gallery section.

We are sure you will gasp with delight!

Do baby shoes have to be a certain style to personalise?

Yes, because baby shoes are so small they cannot fit on our mighty embroidery machines unless they have a velcro fastening strap.

The velcro fastening strap needs to be at least 10cm long and 1.2cm wide so it can fit onto our embroidery machines and also so there is enough room to be able to embroider the baby’s name.

Please note also that due to the small size of these shoes and limited space on the velcro straps, names need to be no longer than 7 letters.

Parents … Save yourself from the stress of replacing lost Kindy and Junior School shoes … The solution is HERE!

Also, did you consider that our shoe iD might just be the perfect way to label school and kindy shoes so they don’t end up in the lost and found box? Well you would be right, it is absolutely perfect for that application as well!

You can also check out our Kids gallery section for some larger sized versions for the Kindy and Junior School children age bracket!

Contact ROO to enquire about getting your own iD placed on your child’s items.

ORDER HERE to take you directly to our order/payment section!